Anacleto Vitolo, already active as AV-K , K.lone, Kletus.K and former member of several experimental acts, (X(i)NEON w Francesco Galatro,  Internos w Domenico Stellavatecascio and Algebra del Bisogno w Michela Coppola), releases his first album as K.lust, an evolution of his own past project K.lone.

“Liven”, realized and refined between 2013 and 2015, is focused on the concept of circularity, combining an intricate rhythmic work with deep bass lines and warm drone/ambient textures. The whole album is built around the concept of tribalism. In a tribe the collective activities are punctuated by ritm; thus the music, passed down from mostly oral sources, serves as the encryption standards that articulate and regulate the rites, which are a revival of the dynamics of social and existential life. In this frame, cyclicity becomes a key concept: it has, in fact, the dual role to reflect the cyclical trend of the seasons and human activities, and, at the same time, to facilitate a state of trance, led by repetition, which helps the abandonment of the individual consciousness in favour of collective and euphoric one.
K.lust makes this concept his own, and develops it in six tracks, which, for more than fifty minutes, plunge the listener into an atavistic and ancestral world, trying to unite the contemporary sounds of the most experimental techno to the atmospheres, the suggestions and characteristic spirituality of the ancient world that initially inspired the work.

“Essentially, Liven brings together six beautiful pieces of regenerative, self-powering machinery. Each of these pieces is a self-contained eternity, oblivious to age and decay. Embedded just beneath the potential for change is the ultimate knowledge that Liven is trapped within its own samsaric return.” attnmagazine.co.uk

“The main ingredients on ‘Liven’ are soundscapes, beats and energy, initially pushing this album into the technoscene. But there seems to be a lot more to this album. What I do know, is this: when I walk around on a festival and I hear these nervous and dynamic pieces of music coming from one of the tents, I’m going in. So yes, I like this album and, as soon as possible, I might check out Vitolo’s other music too. You should too, like now.” Merchants Of Air “

“Liven è il disco più trascendente di un musicista che sta facendo cose davvero importanti, e questa produzione è uno spartiacque nella storia della techno italiana, poiché riporta l’elettronica ad un livello ancestrale e tribale, dove le pulsazioni sono quelle delle tenebre della storia dell’umanità.” Massimo Argo – InYourEyesEzine

“Liven”, pubblicato dalla romana Stochastic Resonance, è un condensato di pulsazioni incalzanti, ispirate all’incedere ipnotico delle ritmiche tribali, che strutturano una narrazione dinamica rifinita attraverso l’uso di tessiture sintetiche fluide. Ciò che scaturisce da questa fusione è un racconto che ha nell’incedere frenetico la sua costante, di volta in volta declinata secondo coordinate cangianti…” Peppe Trotta – SoWhat

released May 3, 2016
Music: K.lust (Anacleto Vitolo)
Mastering: Anacleto Vitolo (AV-K studio)
Artworks: Scual
Design: Giuseppe Colonna
Production: Stochastic Resonance


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