Mathieu + Ueno | AV-K + Kanaka | Franz Rosati : Manyfeetunder night @ Laceno D’oro 2016

Laceno d’oro & Manyfeetunder present:

Stephan Mathieu | Guillermo Ueno – RADIANCE [ World Première ]
Franz Rosati – Map of Null
AV-K + Kanaka project – Fracture
December 10, 2016 / Auditorium Liceo Imbriani / Avellino

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360° Experience /// Viaggio Sulla Terra /// Linea D’Ombra Festival 2016

Lecturer : Mario Tozzi /// Live Sound : AV-K


First excerpt from the upcoming album “ZOLFO”, in collaboration with Gianluca Favaron, Out on October 5, 2016, produced by 13/Silentes and Manyfeetunder/Concrete

available for pre-order at: Manyfeetunder/Concrete Bandcamp or by Silentes official website



Out on October 5, 2016 : ZOLFO !

Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo : ” Zolfo ” [sps1616 | mfu/c 010]

Gianluca Favaron : tapes, objects, microphones, analog and digital effects
Anacleto Vitolo: live electronics, cymbals, laptop, objects

Produced by 13/Silentes and Manyfeetunder/Concrete
Artwork by Stefano Gentile

Video Teaser by KANAKA PROJECT

Fantasia ‘E Surdato (E. Notari – 1928) / music : Vitolo – Coppola


Fantasia ‘e surdato (E. Notari – 1928) |music : Michela Coppola : Viola / Live electronics | Anacleto Vitolo : Live Electronics / Processing

K.lust ~ Liven [SR 013] out May 3 on Stochastic Resonance /// presentation at Unibeat Festival 2016


I’m really proud and happy to announce my next release on Stochastic Resonance:
K.lust, Liven [SR013] – OUT May 3 2016, an evolution of my own past project K.lone.

“Liven”, realized and refined between 2013 and 2015, is focused on the concept of circularity, combining an intricate rhythmic work with deep bass lines and warm drone/ambient textures.
The whole album is built around the concept of tribalism. In a tribe the collective activities are punctuated by ritm; thus the music, passed down from mostly oral sources, serves as the encryption standards that articulate and regulate the rites, which are a revival of the dynamics of social and existential life. In this frame, cyclicity becomes a key concept: it has, in fact, the dual role to reflect the cyclical trend of the seasons and human activities, and, at the same time, to facilitate a state of trance, led by repetition, which helps the abandonment of the individual consciousness in favour of collective and euphoric one.
K.lust makes this concept his own, and develops it in six tracks, which, for more than fifty minutes, plunge the listener into an atavistic and ancestral world, trying to unite the contemporary sounds of the most experimental techno to the atmospheres, the suggestions and characteristic spirituality of the ancient world that initially inspired the work.

K.lust – Liven (SR 013)
Out May 3-2016
Pre-order  ~ 

First presentation of Liven will be held in the great frame that is the Unibeat festival. Along side Regis, Scan7, Lena Willikens and Ben Saadi, K.Lust will present the material from the new album with a live performance.


X(i)NEON opening act for THE NECKS!


We’re so excited to announce that X(i)NEON will be opening act for the only italian gig of the legendary australian act The Necks

Wednesday April 13th / Teatro Nuovo (Salerno) / a OHMe prod.

X(i)NEON is the first physical EP release for manyfeetunder/concrete

AV-K + KANAKA / SR night live @ Städlin

AV-K + KANAKA / Fracture live set @ Städlin (Rome) / Stochastic Resonance Night w   M.K.R. / ScualImok / ZephyrYnaktera dj set | Start h 20:00


AV-K live @ Ligera (Milan) / PLUNGE||GRAIN

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Manyfeetunder/Concrete is pleased to presents the first Physical EP release !
X(i)NEON [MFU/EP 001]

Limited Cardwallet CD Edition

Streaming and purchase at:

“Deconstruct: To discompose a structure in the elements that compose it, typically in order to reorganize it meets the new requirements”

X i NeoN :
Francesco Galatro Page [Doublebass]
Anacleto AV-K Vitolo ´[Laptop / Live Electronics / Processing]