ZOLFO featured in A Closer Listen TOP TEN Drone Albums

Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo ~ Zolfo ( 13 | manyfeetunder )
The music gurgles, bubbles, fizzes and pops.  To listen is to block out the organic world and to concentrate on the electrical.  Are these the unheard sounds surging through our wires and homes?  Could this be what our laptops are up to when we’re not paying attention?  It’s exciting to think so.  Favaron and Vitolo love intricacy, and Zolfo is a homage to sound.  “Infrasound” sounds like pages being turned; this is a book we’d love to read.  (Richard Allen) – https://acloserlisten.com/2016/12/17/acl-2016-top-ten-drone/



av-k///1114 – out now on manyfeetunder/homemadelabel

out now on manyfeetunder/homemadelabel !!
FREE DOWNLOAD here : https://archive.org/details/av-k.1114
‘Ablation is removal of material from the surface of an object by vaporization, chipping, or other erosive processes’1114 1

‘A centripetal fugue’ – Out now on Laverna.net label / free download!

OUT NOW!!! – free download from www.laverna.net !

AV-K – “a centripetal fugue” Lav59 ( Laverna.net )

“A circular path that is a chemical gift in a sonic format”


“A Centripetal Fugue” è dono chimico in formato sonico che istiga al viaggio mentale in mancanza di una reale possibilità di fuga . . .


av-k’s “A centripetal fugue” out on Laverna.net label

av-k’s “A centripetal fugue” (Lav59) out on Laverna.net label 
free download from www.laverna.net