ZOLFO featured in A Closer Listen TOP TEN Drone Albums

Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo ~ Zolfo ( 13 | manyfeetunder )
The music gurgles, bubbles, fizzes and pops.  To listen is to block out the organic world and to concentrate on the electrical.  Are these the unheard sounds surging through our wires and homes?  Could this be what our laptops are up to when we’re not paying attention?  It’s exciting to think so.  Favaron and Vitolo love intricacy, and Zolfo is a homage to sound.  “Infrasound” sounds like pages being turned; this is a book we’d love to read.  (Richard Allen) – https://acloserlisten.com/2016/12/17/acl-2016-top-ten-drone/



First excerpt from the upcoming album “ZOLFO”, in collaboration with Gianluca Favaron, Out on October 5, 2016, produced by 13/Silentes and Manyfeetunder/Concrete

available for pre-order at: Manyfeetunder/Concrete Bandcamp or by Silentes official website



Out on October 5, 2016 : ZOLFO !

Gianluca Favaron | Anacleto Vitolo : ” Zolfo ” [sps1616 | mfu/c 010]

Gianluca Favaron : tapes, objects, microphones, analog and digital effects
Anacleto Vitolo: live electronics, cymbals, laptop, objects

Produced by 13/Silentes and Manyfeetunder/Concrete
Artwork by Stefano Gentile

Video Teaser by KANAKA PROJECT


OUT 27 January 2016 • X(i)NEON on Manyfeetunder/Concrete

FIRST PHYSICAL EP release on Manyfeetunder/Concrete

” X(i)NEON ” [MFU/EP 001] OUT January 27

“Deconstruct: To discompose a structure in the elements that compose it, typically in order to reorganize it meets the new requirements”

Francesco Galatro Page [Doublebass]
Anacleto AV-K Vitolo [Live electronics / Laptop]


AV-K | Perspective/Prospective (Lav64) | Lim. Ed. CD [Manyfeetunder – AV-K prod.]

AV-K prod. & Manyfeetunder are pleased to present the Limited Edition CD of AV-K‘s “Pespective/Prospective” (Laverna.net label | Lav64)

Available for streaming and purchase at: https://av-kprod.bandcamp.com/album/perspective-prospective

AV-K’s “Fracture” | Digipack edition re-issue

After the 1st and 2nd edition Sold-out , AV-K prod. & Manyfeetunder/Concrete are pleased to announce the 3rd re-issue of AV-K‘s “Fracture” in a limited edition digipack version of the 1st MFU/C release.

The album is Available for Streaming and Purchase at:

https://av-kprod.bandcamp.com/album/fracture or


AV-K + KANAKA | Fracture live A/V set Teaser

AV-K + KANAKA | Fracture live A/V set
label: manyfeetunder/concrete
[MFU/C 001 – 2015]

info.avkprod@gmail.com | kanakaproject@gmail.com | info@manyfeetunder.com
kanakaproject.it | av-kprod.com | manyfeetunder.eu

av-k | prx/dlt OFFICIAL VIDEO

av-k | prx/dlt

from “Fracture” [ manyfeetunder/concrete – (MFU/C 001) ]


AV-K | prx/dlt /// Video première on Noisey by VICE


Towards Rome! ‎manyfeetunder‬ @ DalVerme / ‎Fracture‬ release party